How We Help Business Owners

Our clients reach out for many reasons. Many clients are reaching out proactively, while others are driven by challenging issues that make planning both important and urgent.

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Companies We Serve

High level view of Companies we serve:

  • We serve owner-managed businesses that can be led by families or non-family ownership.
  • We have considerable experience in Construction, Agriculture, and service Companies. We believe every business is in the service business.
  • We enjoy serving Family Owned Businesses that seek to prepare plans to bring success to the family and non-family stakeholders of the Company. We enjoy helping business clients simplify what is often made more complex than necessary.

Our engagements are with the Company to focus upon the long-term health of the Company; regardless if there are sole owners, equal ownership between two individuals or if there are multiple minority shareholders involved. It is important to understand business ownership and decision-making history to help guide future planning.

Final Comment: Every business has a succession plan. We are focused on helping business owners create a thoughtful plan that can help clients get UNSTUCK. We look to engage clients who understand they have an opportunity to evolve their plan over time while also managing the risks associated with their business ownership.

Have you ever felt “stuck” due to a lack of clarity of your destination?

At Immel & Associates, we can help renew the energy and excitement of entrepreneurs by helping them gain clarity, confidence and courage to make changes required to live up to full potential, both personally and professionally.